Monday, July 24, 2006

Family Vacations

We spent Saturday down in Canon City, CO, riding the train through the Royal Gorge on my company's quarterly outing. It was fun, and it had been years since any of us had been on a train. We stopped at the Holy Cross Abbey Winery afterwards, and picked up some interesting Colorado wine. Quite a lot of the wine we have downstairs is from Colorado -- we head to the Wine Festival every year and pick up a few cases of wine from the Western Slope. We've been pleasantly surprised by most of them -- although a few have needed a couple years to be drinkable!

On Sunday, the Adorable Husband took of to Madison, WI for the family vacation. The whole Clan is spending a few days at the Speckled Hen Inn. I'm stuck here working on a project, but since I've already had three months off (more!) this year, I'm a bit short on vacation time. Besides, when I'm not sitting at my desk working, I'm asleep. That's about the extent of my social calendar for the next few days, I think. Work and nap. Life is pretty hard, eh?

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