Friday, July 21, 2006

We're so Proud

At the recent summit, Dubya has made assinine comments "off mike", gave a "backrub" to the German Chancellor (he's lucky she didn't deck him for inappropriateness, at the very least -- if someone had touched him like that, the Secret Service would have them on the floor in a second), and basically acted like a white-trash hick. He's not a hick -- he's the product of some of the most elite culture in America: East Coast, Ivy League school, political family, definitely born with the silver spoon. Either this is coldly calculated to appeal to the uneducated masses, or he's too stupid for it to have "taken". The accent? C'mon, he was born and raised and schooled in Connecticut. It makes him sound "homey" and "likeable", I guess. Voted "Best guy to have a beer with", as if that makes him somewhoe qualified to lead the country.

If you've read any of the blog, you know by now that I think Dubya is the Worst. President. Ever. I know that other presidents have had blunders, some of them stupid, but this president just seems to be exude frat-boy crass.

Note especially #6.

YouTube: Top 10 George Bush Moments from Letterman

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