Friday, July 21, 2006

Plague. Or Just Spots

For the last couple of days, I've felt completed knackered -- worn out, unbelievably tired, fuzzy, achy. I've been going to bed at 9pm and sleeping 11 or more hours, and even then feeling like something the cat dragged in. Getting out of bed has been an effort of will and I think I dozed off in the shower this morning.

And I have a headache and my knees and elbows hurt and -- the Adorable Husband thinks this is the sign of the coming apocalypse -- I'm cold. I'm never cold unless I'm sick and have a raving fever. Which, apparently, I do.

While I think I may have the plague, he seems to think I may actually have West Nile. We sit outside on the porch alot nowadays in the cool evenings (especially with the recent rain) and about a week ago I made the mistake of sitting out in a pair of shorts. The mosquitoes ate me alive -- I looked like some sort of shotgun-blast victim with dozens of itchy spots. I tend to go barefoot alot, so I expect a few bites on my feet but this was outrageous. For the last week I've been a pustulous, spotty mess.

So, there's actually a pretty good chance that the Adorable Husband is right. West Nile is a big problem in Colorado. Most people never get sick at all, a few get flu-like aches and tiredness, and only a teensy percentage get meningitis or neuroloogical issues. I may be in the flu-like-symptoms camp. I'm certainly not working a t full speed this week. Low-grade fever and I'm a bit whiny, if you hadn't noticed. There have only been two documented cases so far in Colorado, but most people never actually go to the doctor. The count in previous years has numbered several hundred (about 300 in 2004, 100 in 2005) documented cases.

So, multivitamins and lots of sleep, sayeth the Nurse Husband. Easy to oblige -- it's about 1:30 on Friday and all I really want is to go back to bed for a nap. Just a few hours, you know? Whine.

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Laura said...

WOE are you! I totally feel sorry for you. Being exhausted like that is not fun. You sleep a ton, but you never feel rested. Are you horribly sick? Maybe you should see a DOCTOR?!

And here we steal your husband away for the Family Fun trip. Should he stay home, Plague Woman?