Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Salwar Kameez

Someone on the TT list mentioned that they had recently bought a few Salwar kameez -- a type of garment common in Pakistan and India (and a few other places, I imagine), and found them comfortable and very pretty.

I'm sure you've seen these -- a long-ish skirt or tunic over pants, and these lovely, drapey scarves. We don't see too many out here in Denver, but they look so very comfortable and some of them are just gorgeous. I see a lot of women wearing a shorter version of the top (longer tunic) over jeans and think it looks good.

Well, I discovered that, with a bit of searching on eBay, you can find a bespoke tailor in Pakistan or India who will make one to your exact measurements, and in your choice of fabric (silk, georgette, crepe, cotton) and color and embroidery. If I was a tall and willowly slender person, I'd order saree custom-made as well -- I just love the elegant and very sumptuous look of them. But not being tall, nor willowy, nor slender, let's stick with the generic salwar kameez that is (according to all the advertising) good for any body type. We'll see.

Anyway, a few people have noted that these are incredibly comfortable and yet can be very dressy and I'm always looking for something to wear so I thought I'd order a few (since you can find them for about $40 US including shipping).

It's probably going to be weird to have a pale, pasty northern person wearing very traditional middle-eastern/asian garb, but you know, I'm not a fashion maven and I'm more concerned with "comfortable and nice looking" than "fashionable". So, I'll probably avoid lime green and turqoise or canary yellow (all popular colors, by the way) and stick with someting more subdued.

I'll fill you in on the success of the eBay ordering of custom clothing when thing arrive.

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