Monday, August 28, 2006

Great MN Get-Together

I heard last week that the Minnesota State Fair is the longest-running state fair in the country -- 148 years.

We managed to sneak away from our house-related duties for a quick walk through the main streets of the fairgrounds -- peruse Machinery Hill, gawk at the midway, eat the various fair foods (all "on-a-stick"!) before getting rained on and heading back to the house.

We did discover the best Mini-Donuts (after carefully trying out all the donut stands we could find. We ate three bags of donuts apiece, in about half an hour! (The best donuts, btw, are in the Mini-Donut stand at the entrance to the Grandstand. The Tom Thumb donuts were disappointing.)

We had to laugh at all the food 'on-a-stick', although we weren't able to find the rumored Spaghetti On-A-Stick that arrived last year. My sister had it, and noted that it was more like 'hairy-meatball' on a stick. Pork chops (on-a-stick), Fried Alligator (on-a-stick), Deep-Fried Candy Bars (on-a-stick). Seeing the theme?

The rest of the weekend was spent doing house chores. The Adorable Husband trimmed trees, rewired outlets, fixed gates, installed cabinet knobs. He packed a huge bag of his tools (which did survive being checked in the airplane hold) and went from one end of the house to the other fixing what needed to be fixed. Whatta guy!

I painted with my sister (and with some help from her son, as well) and hung pictures. It's an adorable house, and she has a great sense of style. I'm glad we had a chance to help.

We saw the Adorable Husband's family on Sunday -- the whole family, all the cousins and second-cousins and all the new kids. It was a nice reunion -- a plan they intend to follow every other year, I guess. Dinner with my family was a bit smaller, but just as fun. All-in-all, a lovely weekend.

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