Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New MS Office

I admit, while I will always jump on a chance to dis Microsoft as the Evil Empire, I also am a dedicated user -- there is simply no alternative that provides the same breadth of functionality and integration.

I've used Wordperfect, and was forced to use the truly horrendous OpenOffice on several occasions. Despite thinking that Microsoft hasn't created a truly original thing in years, it's the defacto standard.

Anyway -- MS ha a new version of the Office Suite coming out (Office 2007) which is currently in Beta testing. However, they've offered something very different this time: the ability to see how things work by logging in to a remote desktop and actually running the applications over the web (technically, it's in Citrix, and requires a downloadable plugin to the IE browser, but it does run in the browser quite seamlessly). Quite cool. You don't need to install any applications on your machine, and you can see and tinker with all the new UI pieces.

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