Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Take the Quiz

This was fun. The New Yorker has a quiz on Bush's Twentieth Hundred Days.


19. Which of these words were among the top ten responses in a Pew Research Center poll that asked voters for the first word that came to mind when they think about George W. Bush?

(a) “Decisive,” “charming,” “brilliant,” and “truthful.”

(b) “Booze,” “cocaine,” “failure,” and “smirk.”

(c) “Illegitimate,” “simian,” “hotheaded,” and “torture.”

(d) “Incompetent,” “idiot,” “liar,” and “ass.”

Actually, the quiz is pretty interesting, and you have to have been paying attention pretty well to who says what and reading the news (not just listening to it). It's still a sharp criticism of Bush, but it's a relatively intelligent one.


Anonymous said...

OK, so which was the winner? :) I know that I have my vote. (The hot link did not work for me.)


Phouka said...

The correct answer is D, although I rather liked the others, too.