Thursday, August 17, 2006

Where is that, again?

This is definitely related to the previous posts of appalling geographic ignorance. This is from a note that my mother-in-law sent this week, regarding their upcoming trip.

My ILs are going to Malawi in September as part of a building/charity trip, and one of the recommendations is to get Malaria pills. So, my MIL dutifully goes to the doc, gets the appropriate prescription and picks up the pills.

The insurance company beancounters apparently did not like the claim, and have disputed it. Malaria pills? Huh? What for? We don't cover that.

So my MIL calls the insurance contact and explains that the pills are for their upcoming trip and were suggested by the state department, etc.

"For vacation?" the bright-and-cheery clueless insurance twit says. "Where are you going?"


There is a palpable silence, and then the insurance twit asks, "And what zipcode is that?"

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