Thursday, October 19, 2006

As Seen on TV

I'm working from home today, which means that the television is on in the background and I have to laugh a bit at the bizarre products that they hawk on TV. Daytime television seems to be worse than late-night (although there are a lot fewer semi-naked women in the ads)

So, up comes an ad for Quiktop -- a plastic topper/sealer and spout for cans of soda. You pop this thing on the top of your can and it "hermetically" seals, and gives you a nice rounded spout and lid so you can save your can of soda for "days".

Who in the hell is concerned about saving a half a can of Diet Coke? Who doesn't finish the whole can at once? I mean, the television ad suggests that you can store the cans for several days and never waste a can of soda again. Huh? This is a big enough problem that you want to spend twenty bucks or so on these things? Is the risk of cut fingers or cut lips (also mentioned in the ad) from the metaal edge of the can really that much of a problem?

The only reasonable thing I could see if giving it to a kid -- less likely to spill, I guess, but kids shouldn't really be drinking lots of soda anyways.

I just had to laugh. Of course, if I believed the television ads, there are a lot of people out there who are incapable of draining pasta, turning pancakes, and that sort of thing.

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Emma said...

LOL! Loved reading this. I actually went to the site which advertises buy one set of 5 toppers and get a second set of 5 for free... just pay s/h!
What they fail to mention in the ad is the first set is 19.95 + 6.95 s/h, the second (free set) set is 9.99 + 6.95 and you get 5 free c clamps and 5 free twisty straws. LOL! Who the hell would pay this elaborate $ amount for these silly plastic toppers and so called freebies!?! Oh well, I would have purchased them had they come for a more reasonable price just because of the idea of keeping bugs out of my can and the feel of having a bottle was appealing (since you save money buying canned soda of 20oz bottles). I'll just have to wait to find them cheaper on ebay. :) Thanks for the fun read!