Sunday, October 08, 2006

Indoor Skydiving

We had our quarterly TUSC outing this Saturday an went Indoor Skydiving -- they call it 'bodyflight' and do it in an enormous vertical wind tunnel. The Adorable Husband had an absolute blast, and got to fly twice for two minutes each time. If you remember, he's been jumping out of actual airplanes lately, and says that you only get about 45 second of free-fall before you have to pull the ripcord -- having two whole minutes or more to just "fly" is terrific! They can vary the airflow from about 80 mph (for little kids) to almost 160 mph for the pros.

About 50 people from TUSC went, even little kids (who are surprisingly good at this, being overly bendy and fearless) . I definitely think that more minutes in the tower are going to be on the Adorable Husband's Xmas list!

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