Wednesday, October 04, 2006

At an actual client!

Yes, finally, I have been evicted from my comfortable, nearby home office and forced to trek out into the world and actually work at a client site.

I'm feeling quite put-upon, I'll tell you. Had to drive AN HOUR yesterday, because I mistimed traffic. It's really not that far, but leaving my house at 7:30 is not an option. In the last few years, traffic has increased so much on I25 south that it's impossible to get through the "North Valley" without sitting in stop-and-go traffic for half an hour or so.

The solution? Go to work at 6am. I might suggest that this is not going to happen. At least not in MY lifetime. Seven maybe, but heading out the door before that is not something that I think I'm capable of. The gentleman I'm working with comes in at 6am and works 4-tens. I can do the same (or, he says, work whatever schedule fits). He laughed when I told him that 6am isn't likely to happen unless ther eis some change in the laws of physics and I can transport here instantly so I can sleep until 5:55. Ah, well.

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