Friday, October 13, 2006

Not so Anonymous

I just had the oddest phone call -- someone from a marketing firm ran across my website, apparently tracked down my phone number and called me regarding advertising opportunities on

I get a few of these offers in email each month, and just ignore them. It's a personal site, and I really don't muck about with ads or anything. I get decent enough traffic (due to the travelogues, I think), but certainly not enough to actually be worth an ad or two.

I'm just a bit weirded out that he had my phone number. My real name is not on the site at all, although I suppose he could probably have found it by using whois. Nope, just checked. No name. Somewhere, though, my name is associated with either the IP or the site. Odd.

I don't worry much about anonymity on the web, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I post with my real name on a number of forums, and with my alias Phouka on many more. It was just startling to get a phone call regarding my site.


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