Saturday, December 09, 2006

16 Colors

One of my friends is buying a house -- he's been looking for a bit and found the perfect house about a mile or so from us, in one of the new subdivisions. Cute ranch house, and he bought it in time to get to pick all the cabinets, hardware, colors, flooring, etc.

Considering that he is also a believer in the idea that men can only name 16 colors, he asked me to come along and give him a hand. He'd already picked out lovely cinnamon-colored maple cabinets, but when it came to carpet colors and tile, he wasn't as sure. So -- off I went to the builder's showroom to pick things.

Boy, the Adorable Husband is REALLY glad that I'm not doing this for our own house. Yikes. I have the unerring ability to find and love the most expensive thing in the place -- the tiles that are $200 apiece, the most expensive carpet. I am a bit more realistic than that, and with my friend's budget he's trying to get the most bang for the buck for upgrades and stuff. On my own? I'd have a hard time not going hog-wild in the antiqued tuscan stone tile and granite countertops. It's like decorating overload.

My friend has good taste, though, and it's fun to see him so excited about getting his own place.

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