Monday, December 04, 2006

Out Walking

It's been a month since surgery, and Rukh is doing great. (Well, except for that serious barfing incident). He's getting around in the house really well, and seems to be doing ok outside.

He even trundled (more like crashed) down the stairs into the basement to sit with us while we watched a movie. We've been keeping the door shut before this, to prevent him from trying the staircases, but we decided that he was getting pretty antsy and if he was going to attempt to do two flights of stairs, we might as well do it while we're home and could help him back up. We left the door open, and about fifteen minutes into Davinci Code, amid much crashing and thumping, he made it down the stairs. He had a hard time getting back up, but with a bit of a boost, he managed. He hasn't tackled the second floor yet,since he has to go up first, and that is more daunting.

He spends most of his days lounging about in the house, getting up a few times to go outside and pee, maybe walk to the other end of the yard, but definitely not enough to keep him in any kind of physical shape. If he doesn't build strength in his leg, he's just going ot have problems forever. He gets tired so easily, and his leg tends to give out after any sort of exertion. We need to work more on the physical therapy side of things.

So, the Adorable Husband took him out for a short walk this evening -- just out the front door (and down the four steps) and around the culdesac a bit before coming back inside. I stayed inside, because I get so nervous for Rukh and probably freak him out. He managed like a champ. I don't think he's every going to do long distances, but he seemed to appreciate the new scenery and getting out to stretch his legs.

On other news, we were going to board them for the evening when he host the christmas party, with all the people, but the vet's office called and told me that he's overdue on his shot for kennel cough. Everything that I've read says not to give dogs any immunizations when they are on chemo, and without the shots we won't risk him going to the kennel and being exposed. So, they are probably going to stay home with us and mooch food from all the party guests. I'm waiting for a call from the oncologist, just to be sure.

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