Friday, December 29, 2006

Disconnect! Reboot!

Ok, I absolutely adore (especially the Gallery of Regrettable Food, which leaves me in physical pain from laughing so hard) -- but I found this on the site today and I was laughing like a hyena.

Which became even more funny when we saw a commercial for this lovely item -- The Presto, an email printer that "doesn't need an internet connection" and is "simpler than a computer" for your obviously senile relatives who can't figure out Outlook.

We're worried that Grandma and Grandpa can't learn to use the computer?

Just look at this page. I dare you not to laugh. I double-dog dare you!


Anonymous said...

Yes - our grandmas and great-grandmas followed those crochet instructions without a hitch. Yay, Grandmas!!


The Tiger said...

Nice! I thought the email printer was a joke too... until I clicked the link. Wow.

We're thinking about you guys in the Denver area, who have apparently decided to take all the snow for North America this year!