Saturday, December 02, 2006

Holiday Cheer

We're usually pretty lax about holiday decorations at Chez Phouka. In fact, we have probably put up a tree one out of every three years. If it's just for us, we rarely bother -- although we have succumbed to peer pressure in the neighborhood and put up christmas lights on the eaves almost every year. There are some houses in our neighborhood that are starting to rival the Gridwolds.

But this year, we got the tree up, put up the garlands, hung lights, the whole shebang. Going through the boxes of christmas stuff that has survived the moves and packing and storage, we realized that we really don't have that many decorations. A few silver balls, some family ornaments....that's about it. We've decided this year to hit the post-holiday sales and pick up more ornaments so we can at least have a tree that doesn't look on the sad and shabby side!

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