Friday, January 30, 2009

Fourteen is enough

I really wish people would stop referring to the recent birth of a litter of 8 children as "a miracle".

It's not a miracle. It's a travesty of medical ethics and idiot parents and irresponsible treatment. This family already had SIX children, and opted to have eight embryos implanted during IVF and apparently they don't agree with selective reduction of the implanted embryos because they oppose abortion.

This is so damned unethical all around. How does a woman with 6 kids even GET fertility treatment at all, let alone implantation of EIGHT embryos? I'm sure that TLC will have a new show in the works immediately, but who on earth is paying for the several months of NICU for these eight preemies and how are they going to raise all these children? It was "too painful" to consider aborting some of the fetuses to avoid having a fekking litter, so it's better to let these kids suffer the very common and very serious problems associated with being a low-weight preemie -- developmental delays, health problems, the works.

Miracle my ass. It's not "god's will", which has also been bandied about. No, sorry, your deity has nothing do to with this. Bad medicine, bad decisions, and morons all around.


Anonymous said...

No shit.
-YS (youngest sister)

Anonymous said...

This is also a single mother (divorced) living at home with HER mommy. HER mommy (apparently) had no say in her choice to use a sperm donor far ALL 14 of her kids which she helps raise under her roof (like there aren't enough kids in the world to go around). Her mom said her daughter is obsessed with children and wished she had become a kindergarten teacher. DUH. People are idiots.