Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Whilst browsing around looking for a booklist from one of my favorite authors, I discovered that many of the authors that I like write a specific version of scifi/fantasy novels that are called 'manner punk', or 'fantasy of manners'.

I've always enjoyed scifi/fantasy/paranormal sorts of novels for fluff reading - the creation of new worlds and new societies and the details of how things go together has always interested me. Some of my favorite books have complex social rules and vast, detailed histories developed by the author. I've never liked space opera or technological sci-fi, nor unicorns-and-dragon types of fantasy (well, with a few exceptions) and discovered today that there's an actual name for the style of writing that I like. Who'd a thunk?

Imagine my surprise to realize that I have books by all the authors listed by the Wiki site, and my all-time favorite fantasy author, Emma Bull, is among them.

Of course, I wasted two hours today reading all about the various subgenres of fantasy and sci-fi books. Elfpunk, Cyberpunk, Spy-Fi, Time travel, New Wave, Pulp. Cool!

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