Sunday, January 11, 2009

No Skiing for Us

We cut short the TUSC Ski weekend trip by driving home on Saturday night -- both of us are still sick, and being up in the mountains with a wheezy cough is not pleasant.

We drove up Friday night and had a lovely dinner with our friends -- very good seafood -- and spent our Saturday alternately napping and hitting the local outlet mall looking for Harry and David pears and a new leather belt. We were quite successful!

The Adorable Husband decided that since he's still a) sick and b) new on beta-blockers, that skiing was probably not a good idea. I feel rather bad that he missed an opportunity to ski -- he has so few of them. We thought he might take a snowboard lesson so that he can go with Peter when they come out for Spring break, but that would have been too much activity, too, I think.

My company sponsored dinner at the Keystone lodge, and afterwards, we headed home instead of spending another night. I wanted to go home and sleep in my own bed.

It was a lovely weekend, really. Relaxing and a chance to catch up with everyone.

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