Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Well, it IS Fox nerws

Yesterday's inaguration was a grand success, according to everyone. Millions of people, great performances, great speech, generally a good time. No one was arrested, Ted Kennedy is back on his feet, it certainly looked like everyone had a great time.

The only hiccup in the formalities was the boofed swearing in -- Justice Roberts stumbled the wording of the oath (and Obama was apparently excited enough to jump in a little early) and so this little rite was not smooth sailing, as the two men played a version of 'What's my line'. They both chuckled about it later, and it was a small (almost amusing) interlude.

But almost immediately online, came the question of "is he really president? The oath was screwed up!". I would expect this from knuckle-dragging conspiracy theorists, hunkering down with their new guns in their mother's basements (oh, sorry, their fortified bunkers), but to hear an anchor on the news asking that question?
Chris Wallace of FOX News wondered if, due to the fumbled oath, Obama really was president.

By law, Obama became president at noon Eastern, regardless of the ceremonial oath of office. But that didn't stop some from speculating and others from kidding.
Was he joking? I really can't tell.

But the fact is that some forums on the web are abuzz with complex "legal discussions" as to whether that invalidates the assumption of the presidency. Really? It would be really funny if it didn't follow hard on the heels of the whole "he's not really a citizen! His birth certificate is fake!" and "He's a secret muslim!" nonsense over the last few weeks.

Get a grip, people. It was an embarrassing, if amusing, flub. Let's get on with business!

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