Sunday, April 12, 2009


I've posted before that I don't get the low-rider pants, I don't get men./boys wearing their pants buckled under their asses, I don't get the whole 'giant pants' phenomenon. I must be hopelessly un-fashionable.

These, though, these bkini jeans, might just be the topper. Just think! Jeans that are designed to show your underwear to its fullest advantage (in fact, they have built-in underwear, apparently. This is ) These are going to look good on about four people on the planet...and frightening on the thousands of others who wear them anyway. Eek.

And the model has a tramp stamp.I guess they are marketing this to the right group...


laurafingerson said...

Dang. Those are somewhat horrifying.

laurafingerson said...

Btw - checking these out on Rick's iphone were a huge hit with Abby and some friends at her birthday party last night. Karin wants the white spandexy ones for her birthday.