Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm missing something...

Ok, I'm a little worried. Everything that I piled up to pack fit into the LandsEnd bag that I use as luggage the first time. I even got the extra pair of shoes in there. And the two coats.

I must have forgotten something really pants. I can't believe it all went in there. I thought I had waaaay too much in the pile for clothes and stuff. Six pairs of pants. Eight shirts. Two pairs of shoes. A fleece. A raincoat. Underwear and socks in abundance. Shampoo. Toothpaste.

And the bag is not that big - it actually qualifies as a carry-on (although we don't carry it on, it's just too heavy to schlep around). Eep! I'm sure something is missing.

I have a list, we've checked it. All I can say is, there is no way all those clothes are going to fit back into the bag after I've worn them and washed them a few times.

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