Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Traquair House

I finally made reservations for our first couple of nights in Scotland. We don't normally have reservations during the trip, but it's awful nice to be able to have a place to head to when the plane lands and you are all jet-lagged and wrung out and just want to find a bed. So, I usually try to have one or two nights in one place to get our bearings, so to speak.

I found Traquair House, which looks to be absolutely fabulous!

It's billed as the oldest occupied house in Scotland, and has huge gardens and all sorts of fun stuff going on. We're staying in the Blue Room. I love this sort of place -- usually we stay in pretty standard B&Bs, but there are a couple of places that are worth a splurge.

My neighbor asked me if we were packed yet (we leave in two weeks). Hah! We've thought about it, does that count? We have a list of the variety of technical gadgets we need, and a vague idea that we should, you know, pack clothes...I'll probably be packing the day before, like I usually do. Eek!

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Anonymous said...

Robin, Robin. Have I had absolutely no influence on you over all these years?? I cannot go anywhere unless I have made extensive lists and packed a day ahead. :-)