Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We don't need a gardener

This -- this stumpy shredded shrub -- is actually a huge, robust, and very hearty Dr Huey rose. In the summer, it is an 8-foot tall monster of a rose bush. We cut it back to about 5' tall in the winter and it just goes like gangbusters in the spring.

The puppies, however, decided that it needed to be shorter and have systematically gnawed off all the canes close to the ground, dragged them off into the yard and chewed on them.

These are very thorny rose bushes. I can't imagine that it's pleasant, and yet they keep doing it. Every single shrub and tree in the yard - except this one -- is behind protective fencing to keep the weasels away from it. Last year they chewed the bark off the oak tree (it's fine!) and started to eat the burning bushes, I have no idea what the allure is. They're just weird.

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