Thursday, September 25, 2008


We (well, I should say, the Adorable Husband) pulled up all the old carpet in the living room and dining room last night. Then he spent about two hours pulling the staples out of the floor after getting the pad pulled up.

The dining room was a mess -- really, quite gross under the carpet. I painted the floor with Killz, which is recommended to seal the floor and hide odors. So now we have a room surrounded by super-sharp tack strips and nicely painted white floors...and all the furniture is out on the porch!

Well, most of the furniture. The television armoire is still in the living room, with a swath of carpet underneath it. The Husband needs help to get the television out of it -- that thing weight about 300 pounds!

But, the carpet people come tomorrow and I will put up the drapes over the weekend and we will be almost done! (I say almost because we still are looking for an ottoman). Yeah!

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