Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Queen of Klutziness

Behold me! Queen of the Klutz People! Unable to walk in her own backyard!

So, I tripped in a hole in the backyard, twisting my right ankle.

Which flung me willy-nilly into one of the big sprinkler heads with the exact center of my left kneecap and twisted my knee. It's possibly sprained. Swelled up like a canteloupe.

So I can't really walk well, my knee hurts, my ankle hurts. I can't drive (no clutching for me).


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Anonymous said...

Do not be like a daughter of mine (who shall remain nameless), who was wounded in a karate accident with her child. She put off going to a professional until it was so bad that she got a lecture from the doc, plus a brace and a prescription-strength anti-inflammatory... :-)