Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I don't usually watch Letterman, but I tuned in to see his opening bit after hearing that John McCain canceled his planned appearance on the show late this afternoon. He "had to go back to Washington" and deal with the crisis.

Except not so much. He joined his running mate and did an interview with Katie Couric during the taping of the show, when he should have been on Letterman. Just down the street. Letterman was stood up. Letterman might host a late-night talk show, but he's no lightweight to piss off with a capricious and false excuse.

If McCain wanted to cancel, just cancel. Why weasel out of this and then do another, friendlier interview elsewhere instead? Oh, wait! I think I just answered my own question. Can't actually face anyone who isn't friendly. Nope!

And I'm waiting for Palin to find one example of McCain's actions to manage regulation and the markets and "bring it to you", as she finally managed to stammer when pressed in the interview.

This is reaching epic proportions of comic ridiculousness. This is a presidential candidate?

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