Friday, September 05, 2008

Fighting for the LIttle Guy

Obama asks:
The question I have for them is Why would that kind of work (community organizer) be ridiculous? Who are they fighting for? What are they advocating for?

McCain answers:

I fight for Americans. I fight for you. I fight for Bill and Sue Nebe from Farmington Hills, Michigan, who lost their real estate investments in the bad housing market.
THIS is who he fights for? They lost their real estate investments? That doesn't even compute to the average American. The bad housing market has pushed people out of their homes, and the best example he can come up with is someone who lost real-estate investments? And, oh wait, appears to be in the real estate business?

Yeah, McCain gets it! He understands the little person, the common man who makes less than $5 million a year and invests in real estate!

I'm feeling the love, I really am.

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