Friday, September 26, 2008

Husband Reboot

Well, the Adorable Husband had another episode of Atrial Fibrillation (basically, one of the atria in his heart just goes haywire), and was on the receiving end of cardioversion today -- rebooting his heart to get back to a normal rhythm. So he's got a big shaved patch on his chest where they put the electrode pad used to shock him, and a full-body ache from zapping him with enough electricity to shock him back into sinus rhythm. Basically a "reboot" -- and all his background processes and CPU seem to be fine, luckily.

This is not really life-threatening, as long as it is treated, and he is back home and just fine - more whacked out from the anesthesia (they knocked him out cold to do the cardioversion) than anything else. He slept most of the afternoon, and seems to be doing fine, albeit still tired.

Of course, we can probably still pick on him that this started yesterday and he didn't tell me until today. Called me from the hospital to ask if I could pick him up. Why, yes, I'm a little irked.


laurafingerson said...

How kind of the doctors to anesthetize him *before* jolting him with gigawatts of electricity! We're glad he's doing okay and that he didn't drive himself home and *then* explain the shaved chest.

Anonymous said...

Please tell your AH that his mom is upset with him as well! :-) Remind him of our times with Grandma J and delay and denial!


Anonymous said...

While there was a little hopeful denial, there was no delay in treatment.

The AH

Anonymous said...

OK, good - all is well. :-)
Then we will not worry about you!

M of the AH