Sunday, August 02, 2009

Desperate Refusal of Reality

A recent poll (and take that for what its worth, of course) noted that less than half of Republicans polled believe that Obama is an American citizen. They assert that the current president is illegitimate.

This is the idiotic 'birther' conspiracy - apparently a bunch of IQ-challenged mouth-breathers are so upset at the idea that a bi-racial man is president that they are desperately trying to convince everyone that the current president wasn't actually born in Hawaii, but in Kenya and the Obama family has been conspiring to hide this fact for the last 47 years. The tin-foil hat brigade is demanding a birth certificate, and when that was provided, declared it fake and went on demanding "proof". At one point, some of them tried to argue that Hawaii wasn't a state when Obama was born there, and when that failed, they claimed he was born in Kenya, and then they tried to argue that his mother's second marriage invalidated his citizenship.

These people are IDIOTS. They are an embarassment to anyone with an IQ higher than 70.

They are ignorant of the constitution, ignorant of the laws governing citizenship, and so blindingly racist and stupid that they defy description. It's embarassing.

The GOP needs to get control of the wacko wing of their party and get them to shut the hell up, or they are going to lose any semblance of respectability they have. Cater to the idiots and people will think you are on eo

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