Monday, August 17, 2009


This was an interesting website -- statements about health care, ranked from true to false (with a few 'pants on fire!' graphics.) Michelle Bachmann is a lunatic, it seems.

There are an awful lot of lies floating around out there, and it's hard to figure out what the truth is if you don't have time to read the thousand+ page documents themselves. This was very interesting. I knew that the opponents were stretching the truth a bit, but, woah. I hadn't even heard some of these whoppers.

Quite a few of the quotes are from the campaign season last year, too. That's a bit misleading, but it does highlight how much all the candidates stretch things to make themselves look good.

I need to stop listening to the news. It's just pissing me off.


laurafingerson said...

I love the "Pants on Fire" "sci-fi scenario not based in reality" category! SO not true their pants exploded!

Anonymous said...

Love this site - love lots of the sites I have found through your blog - thanks!