Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Is this necessary?

I just saw an ad for Chiquita Apple Slices Fruit snack. Basically, a bag of apple slices, marketed as a perfect, healthy snack! Pack it in your lunch, carry it with you -- perfect! Healthy!

Um...it's that hard to pack and carry an apple? Really? Why would I need to buy a pre-sliced, packaged apple? Apples are already one of the most perfectly packaged and portable foods. Small, roundish, protective skin....this is another of those products that are absolutely unnecessary, but they're trying desperately to convince people that they the nature-packaged, portable, easy-to-eat apple needed improvement. Why?

It's not like pre-made/packaged foods that actually do save some time (well, perhaps) like mixed salad greens or canned tomatoes or pineapple or something - -things that are not actually meant to be eaten as a single, self-contained snack. Then again, on the shelves at my grocery store are pre-cut carrot and celery sticks, salad packs, chopped and frozen onions, pancakes in a can, and a variety of pre-packaged foods. Some of them might save a little time, but others? Are we really so busy we can't eat an apple by ourselves?

I just had to laugh.

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