Saturday, August 29, 2009

More evidence of a single brain

We had a minor problem here at Chez Phouka - we usually sleep with the windows open, and due to an ordering glitch, one of our honeycomb blinds has the cord on the wrong side. So when we raise the blind to open the window and put in the big square fan, it dangles down between the two windows. Thus, when there is a breeze, it rattles against the window frame.

It's been like this for years, mind you. It's not like we just did this last week and realized we had a clacking/clicking problem. Our instant diy solution was to tie a ittle loop int he cord and then, when we opened the window, slip the loop over the dangling tassel on the drapes. (hey, don't smirk. It worked fine! Well, it worked fine until the tassel started to fray and we could no longer slip the loop over it. )

So, one afternoon, I was sitting at my desk and realized that I have a couple of those little 3M Command hook things to hang my headsets on. A-hah! I trot upstairs, peel off the little adhesive bit and put a hook up behind the drapes, so we can just toss the loop in the cord on it and voila! No more problem.

So the funny part, that night at dinner, the Adorable Husband comments that the drapery tassel is frayed and we should stop at Target and get one of those sticky-uppy hooks, we could mount it behind the drapery and no one would ever see....

No, he hadn't seen my solution. No, we hadn't talked about it. We just came up wit hthe same idea, at the same time. Again. And a weird idea to boot.

We have one brain. Just one.

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