Saturday, January 02, 2010

Crowning Music of Awesome

I spent a bunch of time while everyone else was skiing, lounging about in my jammies surfng the web and reading books. One of the websites I happened upon was one of the biggest time-sucks I've found in a while: -- an examination of the common motifs and cliches in the media -- which eventually pointed me to the common TV trope of "Crowning Music of Awesome", that moment, in the movie score, where the music is so fabulous, so perfect, that it actually makes the scene. Music that is epic, hair-raising, and just...perfect.

Which sent me on another search for the actual music listed -- where I discovered Two Steps from Hell, a duo that composes music specifically for movie trailers. Yeah, kind of a strange specialization, I suppose, but half the time the trailer music (which usually has nothing to do with the actual movie score) is absolutely fantastic.

I think I've listened to 'Protectors of the Earth' about a dozen times. It is, according to the site:
quite possibly the most unspeakably epic piece of music ever created.
I agree. Unfortunately, you cannot buy any of their current albums; they sell only to movie studios, so you can find some on YouTube, etc. They are planning on a public release of two new albums in 2010, though. I'm waiting!

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