Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Snow snow snow

Bah. Yes, it's beautiful;but the Adorable Husband had to snowblow again and we hadn't even gotten rid of the last snowstorm. Weird - we've had snow on the ground for weeks at a time this year.

It started coming down in lovely, fluffy flakes this afternoon, but it's cold out there right now, and supposed to be colder. I was looking forward to some warmer days, to be honest. I can only hope that it clears up enough that the drive up to Keystone isn't a seven hour trek.

Yes, skiing again! We just got back from a week skiing in Copper Mountain with the Christmas Horde (which was a lot of fun!) and this weekend is my work ski trip. I'm not sure that the Husband is going to try snowboarding again, for a bit (his chiropractor suggested that he had a bit of whiplash from his earlier efforts) and he's still walking a bit stiffly. Me? I'm intended to hit the spa and laze about. Lovely!

I really don't get the whole 'skiing' thing. I try - I mean, I live in Colorado, I should be embracing the outdoorsy-ness of the place, and reveling in the fact that outdoor pursuits are everwhere. Hiking I can understand, but skiing? I've taken lessons, I am just not Sporty, I guess. There are moment when I like the quiet gliding through the new powder...but then there's the falling and the screaming and the crashing and it's not so fun anymore. The mountains are beautiful, I'll just enjoy them from the veranda with a nice hot beverage, thank you very much!

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