Monday, January 04, 2010

In a Tizzy

My youngest sister is getting married! Whoopee! Her fiance proposed on Christmas Eve, and she has been dazzled by the sparkly ring every since.

And, of course, working herself into a tizzy to plan a wedding for late this summer. So many things to do, so many decisions...and she's a bit single-minded about things once she starts. Tenacious, might be the better word.

They've set a date, found a reception spot, and she's already looking for a dress. In a week. I told you she was single-minded. I didn't realize that some of the lead times were as large as they were -- I always was under the impression that you could do everything in six months or so. Nope. Well, not int he current bridal industry, it seems. Most venues are booked a year in advance, and dresses take up to 6 months to deliver and alter. Wow. I must have blocked all that out from my own wedding planning, oh-so-many-years ago.

She has, quite reasonably, decided that she will not buy a dress that costs more than a month of her salary. Of course, she loves the dress. Her fiance apparently made the off-hand comment that, "you know, we could be a little less formal and you could wear something else....oh, wait, no. Forget I said that.". Smart Man.

I'm so excited for her! He's a great guy and she's deliriously happy. I've heard her laugh more in the months she's been with him than in the previous few years, to be honest. Yeah!

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