Friday, January 15, 2010

Why not actually DO something?

Christian congregations all over the world will be praying to cure Trig Palin of Down's Syndrome on April 18, 2010. When he is healed of this incurable genetic disease, people all over the world will have to acknowledge the Majesty of God.
Science has no way to undo this condition, which is the result of an extra chromosome; but God can. When Trig Palin is found to be miraculously healed, everyone but the most hardened atheist will have to acknowledge God’s Majesty!
Oooo-kay. What a monumental waste of time -- but, okay, let's look at this. If the combined power of the faithful can actually "heal" him, can you imagine what good that these people could do? Pray for a cure for cancer. Pray for the healing of the sick in the world. Pray for world peace. All those things that they apparently haven't been able to manage before. But this, this effort is worthwhile? I wish them well. That would be a boon to mankind, it really would.

But I do have to ask -- if it works, and we must all then acknowledge that their god is great and merciful....if it DOESN'T work, will they finally admit that it's a worthless enterprise and that their god simply doesn't have the juice to do anything at all (if he even exists)?

I doubt it. They'll just have some "reason" why it didn't work. Negative vibes from the non-believers, or sunspots, or the intervention of the devil or something. People didn't really have true faith. They always have an excuse.

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