Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Benefits of a Handy Husband

Once again, my absolute faith that the Adorable Husband can Fix Anything has been rewarded. The sprinkler system has been on the fritz for a while (the drop zone doesn't work automatically and had to be turned on at the valve each time) and finally gave up the ghost and began leaking.

We've been ignorning the problem, really. It's not a huge deal to turn it on and off. But, the leaking was definitely an issue. So, he replaced the valve -- no joy. Tested all the wiring -- no joy. But he did eventually figure it out, and replaced all the wire connectors and (with the help of a multimeter and other tools that he has out in the garage)...voila! Working valve. Yeah!

An no one had to dig up the yard, no wire had to be pulled, and we only had to make THREE trips to Lowe's for parts.

I assume that he can fix everything. So far, I've been right.


Anonymous said...

Yes. He can fix anything. So can my AH. Our adoring assumptions that they are invincable doesn't hurt. We know how to pick them! Yeah for us! :-)


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