Saturday, May 27, 2006

Dungeon Update!

Finally! More pictures and noticeable progress. I haven't posted pictures in a while, since the difference between 'wallboard up', 'wallboard taped', and 'textured' is not terribly noticeable . And, of course, things sped up dramatically once I was back at home a few days a week.

But we finally have DOORS and WINDOWS and the trim is going up. Yeeha! I assume they have another two days of trim work (we have complicated door and window headers) and then painting. We had hoped to have things done before my Dad is here, but the schedule looks like we're about two weeks out from having things finished completely. The painting might be done by the time he's here, but no carpet yet.

So -- pictures: The theater is the most interesting -- the crown molding will hide rope lights in the ceiling, and the round holes in the walls are for single-light sconces like those we have upstairs. The rest of the holes are speakers. The french doors do have glass in them, it's just papered over during construction.

The bathroom is relatively small, and the big solid door is to the wine cellar. We were laughing that it could be used as a scream-therapy room -- 8" of insulation and a solid-core one's going ot hear a thing!

They haven't closed in the pop machine. Every time we look at it, Ethan (the contractor) sort of looks at it, puts his hand to his chin, and murmurs, "ahhh. Yes." He says he has a plan. The exercise room is pretty small and with all the hvac and plumbing, the ceiling is low in places. We have so many soffits, etc, because the ceiling is low and much of the vents hang down below the ceiling level. The Adorable Husband swears that the next house will have 12' ceilings in the basement. Or more


Anonymous said...

So when we visit with the twins, they can sleep in the wine cellar?! :) Hm, maybe we need one of those in our house.
-- Laura

Anonymous said...

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