Monday, May 08, 2006

We have Walls!

Amid a tremendous mess, we have wallboard! Everywhere. Well, mostly everywhere. A few bits needs to be finished (inside the wine cellar) and a few bits need to be redone (wine cellar ceiling).
Actually, I probably won't make them redo the ceiling. We're not going to humidify much, so the ceiling should be fine (the walls are all greenboard already). I already made them move the vapor barrier to the right side of the cellar wall, it's probably not necessary to have them move the entire ceiling. But, there is a section of ceiling that has a pipe that protrudes down. Definitely going to have to fix that!

With all the soffits and beams and cutouts, I can only imagine that they are glad we're doing a knockdown finish (not smooth). It would be a pain in the butt to get this smooth! They've had to glue the wallboard to the bottom of the beams, and in at least one place, it bows quite a bit. I think that's a piece they'll have to replace, too. They really are going to hate me. I should bake more cookies.

At any rate, they should start mudding tomorrow, adn I think by the end of the week they'll have the texture done. Whoohoo!

I'm off to Cheyenne tomorrow morning -- whether to stay there overnight or not I don't know. Things are a bit in the air right now. Other than a 16-page security policy document that I have to sign and directions to the office, I have zippo about what I'm going to do. Should be fine.

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