Friday, May 05, 2006

Dungeon Construction, redux

I've lost track of the days. Not a lot happened while I was in Chicago except insulation, which is pretty cool. Wallboard and various types of blue/green/concrete stuff are stacked downstairs, ready to install.

There is a poor peon from the contractor waiting outside for the post-insulation inspection. He's been here for about two hours now -- I went out and brought him coffee, he's looking pretty dang bored and has started driving his truck in circles around the culd-de-sac. Apparently there's been some miscommunication between the inspector and this guy. Ah, well.

Things look pretty good, except they put the vapor barrier on the wrong side of the wine cellar wall (it should be on the theater side, not inside the cellar itself). But that's easy to fix, I imagine. I assume they'll start with the wallboard next week. Yeeha!

Here's a set of before-and-after pictures of the theater (and cellar wall) and the sitting room pre insulation and post.

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