Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Roaming Porch Chairs

Well, the rocking chairs on the porch finally succumbed. The wind has picked them up too many times and skidded them across the driveway -- A few times in the high winds they rocked their way across the porch and then flung themselves willy-nilly into the concrete. Usually we'd hear the racket and make it outside just in time to keep them from going walkabout in the field behind the house. They kept trying to migrate, or something. We even wedged them up against the house, but they'd manage to sneak their way to the edge of the porch and away they went.

I'm surprised, actually. They're pretty heavy. Apparently, they are quite aerodynamic, too.

Sitting in them had become a delicate balancing game and they were creaking alarmingly.And the Amazing Fix-It Husband was unable to actually get them solid again. So, we went off to look for New Chairs. This is very stressful for us. We did, however, after five different trips, find really nice, solid metal-framed wicker chairs and two small tables. Success!


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