Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Perhaps, from work

Just testing if I can actually post to the blog from work, when I can’t actually access the webpage. Theoretically, this should world.

Lovely weekend – very busy. We went to see ‘Into the Woods’ at the Longmont Theater on Friday night. I love musicals, the Adorable Husband humors me. It’s a small local theater, and the show was very good. We also saw X-Men 3 in the afternoon – lots of fun.

Saturday we had our friends over for fondue again…and we were all lounging around the table, drinking wine, and realized it was 2am. I’m getting way too old for that sort of nonsense. At least it was a holiday weekend, so we could sleep in (and sleep in we did – ‘til nearly eleven!). Great food, a few spirited arguments about religion and politics. We always enjoy having them over.

Yesterday we wandered the Boulder Creek Arts Festival and post-BolderBoulder party and saw the a capella group <a href=”www.faceonline.biz”>Face</a> (which was founded by a family friend). Absolutely phenomenal concert – seven men, no instruments. I’m still trying to figure out how the “rhythm section” guy was able to make all those sounds only with his voice.

So here goes – emailing the blog entry….


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