Friday, February 23, 2007

Legal Reform?

If this doesn't convince you that we need some sort of legal reform, I give up. I can't imagine that a) any attorney took this case and b) it might actually make it to court. It should be dropped and this guy should be fined to within an inch of his life for proposing such absolutely ridiculous arguments

A man is arguing that being fired for spending time (apparenlty a lot of it) on internet chat sites describing explciit sex acts is discriminatory -- PTSD from Vietnam made him an Internet Sex addict and he shoudl be recognized as having a disability. So firing him is discriminating aginst a disabled person and should be protected under the ADA. He was warned about his behavior, and continued. WTF? Surfing porn on the web might be "protected"?

Hey, I can think of a whole host of things that I could possibly claim as disabilities, so I don't have to take responsbility for my actions and can get the world to revolve around me. What's the attorney's name again?

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