Saturday, February 03, 2007

Winter Social Life

When it gets cold, and dark at 4pm, everyone out here in Sunny Colorado starts to hibernate. It happens in all cold states during winter -- we don't leave the house, we stop talking to people, we basically hide out until spring.

Not entirely, but everyone who has snow knows the drill. I can't wait for the warm spring nights so we can hang out on our porch, have a glass of wine, and enjoy the company of our lovely neighbors as they wander by. Neary every night in summer, someone on the culdesac is hanging out on their front porch and we all end up there.

Our neighbors invited us to dinner at a new Italian place in Niwot -- Treppeda's --great place, and we broke ouf of the mold this weekend, and actually socialized! Whoohoo! Since we still have two feet of snow in our front yard, and at least 6" of ice on the roads in our part of the neighborhood, we're feeling very adventurous!

Having good neighbors is such a huge blessing. We've lucked out entirely -- our culdesac turns out in force to snowblow and clear the driveways, we hang out on summer weekends, and in general we have a great bunch of people. I've never understood people who don't know their neighbors, or prefer to have a six-foot privacy fence between them and anyone who might possibly see them in their backyard. I like knowing that I can borrow a cup of sugar from any of my neighbors, and that they feel comfortable asking to borrow any of the Adorable Husband's vast collection of tools. It makes me feel part of a community, not just like I happen to own a house somewhere.

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