Monday, February 19, 2007

Wine tasting fun!

Apparently when I finally get immersed in a project, I forget to update anything! As you can tell, I've been sucked into a new project that involves a complete re-engineering of a 15-year-old application with no documentation, no requirements, and a short timeline.

Actually, I love it. I'm really excited to start the rewrite. Of course, I'm in the process of creating use-cases, process flows, context diagrams, and (hopefully soon) detail design docs). Lots of visio diagrams. I'm having a blast, even if I'm starting to dream about "process enhancements". Ugh.

So, what's been going on?

We went to a really fun, kind of impromptu German wine tasting at a friend's house this weekend. The invitation said" bring a german wine to taste, and german food". Well, the wine was easy -- head to the Boulder Wine Merchant and ask for "something different from Germany", but the german food was a bit of a problem. We all brought lots of sausage. We found German cheese and Bockwurst. Another person brought beer-cheese fondue, and smoked sausage and sauerkraut. I'd forgotten I really like sauerkraut. My mom used to make polska keilbasa and sauerkraut, but I'd forgotten that it was so good.

We all decided that German red wine is...well, disappointing covers it. We brought a Pinot Noir (Spatburgunder) and someone else found a red table wine. We all hated both of them. We also found a "champagne" from Germany -- a sparkling reisling that was the hit of the evening. Everything else was variations of sweet-to-dry Riesling. Good, but definitley not my cup of tea. It was an absolute blast, though. Next month, we're all trying Irish food and beer, in honor of St. Paddy's Day. Our dear friends the LInnemeyers, have been doing this for awhile and invited us!

It's a fun idea -- invite people to bring a wine to taste, bring a dish to share, and enjoy an evening of good food and wine and conviviality. I'm thinking we need to do this a few times a month!

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