Friday, February 23, 2007

Mathematics Fails

We bought a really cool double-bookshelf curio sort of thing last weekend, and the furniture company tried to deliver it today. I say tried, because they were unable to maneuver the enormous thing down the stairs and into our "library".

I'm disappointed, because we measured the thing (and did it twice) and really thought that they'd be able to inch it down the stairs and through the door. Mathematically, it should have fit! With perhaps a quarter-inch to spare. I'll admit, but it should have made it down the staircase and (more importantly) through the door at the bottom). The delivery guys balked. They did try, I have to give them credit, but they got it halfway down the basement stairs and decided that they coudln't do it without gouging something.

Ok, I decided. It can go upstairs (can you tell I really love this piece?). They tried, and despite the fact that I coudl see at least 2" of freespace around them, declared that they couldn't get it UP the stairs either. Without the limitation of a doorway, I figured they could boost itup over the railing. Apparently, they shoudl have sent BIGGER guys. Luckily, the Adorable Husband was home (delivering foam insulation for the wine cellar with the rental truck from Lowe's) or the little guy on the bottom of the stairs would have been squished. But the delivery guyswere insistent -- it an't gonna go.

They could, the lead guy announced, get it upstairs if we didn't have the bookshelves in the landing (if you haven't seen the house, we have a wall-full of 6"-deep shelves in the landing for paperbacks). Ooookay. They wouldn't wait while I cleared out the books and removed hte shelves. They insisted that I reschedule. So, they reloaded the thing on the truck and drove away. I'm not sure if I should be pissed they did that, or grateful that they tried so hard. I opted for grateful, and tipped them 20 bucks for the other stuff they delievered, and the attempts to get this huge beast down and then up the stairs.

Feh. The Adorable Husband and I are in negotiations as to whether we can put this in the sitting area upstairs, or whether we return it and get something else for downstairs. I bet you can guess which side of the that argument I'm on....

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