Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Radio Ad Missing the Point

Not only is my email filled with offers for things to enlarge anatomical parts I don't have and offers for drugs to keep said anatomy ready-and-waiting for action...now the radio is starting with adds for Viagra and Cialis that are sounding quite a lot like my spam.

On the way to lunch today, I heard an add for Viagra "soft tabs" from some online pharmacy that promises you results in 15 minutes from a reformulated Viagra tab that "dissolves under your tongue."

"Did you know," the ad intones seriously, "that Viagra can take SIXTY to NINETY MINUTES to work?"

All I could think of was that this ad was obviously aimed at men. Me? Well, I think all those Viagra-hungry men should spend that 60-90 minutes doing something useful.

Like foreplay.

An hour and a half before you have an erection? Piffle. Be creative.

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