Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ages and Ages

Today is our 18th Anniversay -- and as I told the Adorable Husband today, I'd do every single minute again....well, perhaps not the giant flying bug part while living in Georgia, but you know what I mean!

It's odd, really. Most of our peers haven't been together half as long, and many are on their second or even third marriages. We've been very, very lucky, I know that. I still look over in the morning and think, "Damn, I'm lucky I married this man!"

We've actually been together a bit over 25 years. Couple that with turning 41 next week, and attending the graduation party of our friend's daughter (when I remember her when she was TEN) and I'm feeling quite old this week.

I say it in a rather facetious way, because I certainly don't really feel old except for those first few minutes in the morning when I'm trying to get my back straightened out. But in general, I realize that I've definitely hit adulthood with all the requisite responsibilities and stuff. Kind of daunting, actually! I suppose I can get older but I'm not going to grow up. Nya-nya-nya!

The Adorable Husband was on call all weekend, so we are taking time off next weekend to wander around Denver, see the new Titanic exhibit at the museum, go to dinner, that sort of thing. It'll be fun!


Laura said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! We were all thinking about you on Sunday, when we were together celebrating Father's Day. How exciting! And how very cool that being married to your spouse is still the coolest thing ever. All six of us kids have been really lucky. Or really brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Really brilliant. :-)