Thursday, June 28, 2007


I've been combing the Internet for Akitas breeders, trying to find a puppy to add the the Phouka household. Uulaq is becoming more and more neurotic being alone, and we definitely miss having two beasts.

Not much luck, really. No one has puppies, and only a few are planning litters this year. We found a local woman who has a litter of puppies on the ground now, but she's definitely a "backyard breeder" who isn't genetically testing her two dogs, and while she loves her dogs they are not the best examples of Akitas that I've seen. Not even close. We found a really, really cute white puppy there, but we're balking at getting him because his dad has the weirdest looking head we've ever seen. I've never seen a jowly akita before.

But one of the sites that I found has a 9-month-old Akita puppy for sale. He was originally kept as a show dog, but didn't quite make the cut. I opened the site and burst into tears. It was Rukh. Seriously -- the pictures are so eerily similar that I'd be hard pressed to identify who's who if I saw them side by side. It's kind of freaky.

My gut went "now! your dog! get him now!" but the rational part of my brain freaked out a little at the thought of getting a dog that was such a perfect doppleganger for our old dog. That might just be a bit weird.

But it's Rukh's face. Click on the 'for sale' link here to see. The picture above is of Rukh, of course.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, my - that is spooky. It's a big decision, I know. Go with your heart!